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Surgeon General backs smoking for obesity

WASHINGTON DC    Today, the Surgeon General, in a landmark decision,
recommended smoking as an alternative to the rampant overeating that has
plagued the nation in the past decade.  He made his remarks at a press
conference this morning.
"Obesity is the Number One problem facing the country today", he stated, "this has
led to a drastic increase in Type-2 diabetes.  Since the smoking cessation
programs of the 80's and 90"s, obesity has risen over 30%.  Each cigarette
smoked burns 200 calories, and, although smoking causes lung cancer and
emphysema, these diseases happen much later in life, well passed my tenure.  
People, especially the young, should be encouraged to smoke instead of
snacking on high calorie foods."
The Surgeon General also recommended that smoking bans be lifted from
schools and the workplace.
"In order for my plan to be effective, young people have to have a place to light up."

                                              by Apocalypse Brow
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